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How does Wash and Fold work and other topics?

How does Wash and Fold work?

How does Wash and Fold work?

The first thing we will do is to arrange to pick up your dirty clothes at a convenient time for you. Just go to this page and tell us the best day and time and the approximate weight of your clothes in pounds. We will then pick up your dirty clothes on your chosen date and time.

With a wash and fold laundry service your clothes will be expertly washed using the latest cutting edge technology machines that provide a more superior wash than most home washing machines can ever hope to.

Once your clothes are washed and dried our professional employees will fold them properly for you. You will be delighted with how well your clothes turn out and the way that we fold them for you. Please note that our wash and fold service does not include ironing.

We will charge you based on the weight of your clothes. Paying by the pound is a lot more cost effective than using a dry cleaning service which charge per item. After we have washed, dried and folded your clothes we will deliver them right back to your door.

What areas do you cover?

Megawash Laundry services both residential and commercial accounts within the following zip codes - 95608,95610,95621,95628,95660,95662,95670,95825,95841,95842,95864

I'm outside of that delivery area. When will you cover our neighborhood?

Send us an email to and give us your name, address, phone and email. Once we have added coverage to your area we will contact you.

Do you supply the soap or me?

Megawash Laundry supplies the laundry detergent. We use a hypoallergenic detergent with no fragrance. If you desire scent we use a fabric softener on request.

Do you wash for commercial accounts? What is an interesting commercial project you took on?

Yes, we service commercial accounts. Last year we washed 4,000 US flags for a Chamber of Commerce.

Is your facility modern?

All of our commercial laundry equipment is less than 1 year old. At the Carmichael Megawash we have invested thousands in the very latest high tech washing machines. You can be totally confident that your clothes will receive the most thorough wash and that this is very likely to be a more superior wash than your home machine could ever achieve.

With COVID-19 in mind do you provide contact-less laundry service?

Yes we do. You place the order online using your computer. You pick a time-slot for pickup that is convenient for you. You get a notification when the driver is on their way so you can place your laundry on your porch. When the driver picks up your laundry you get a confirmation. No need to see the driver or sign anything. The same process is repeated when your laundry is delivered. It is not uncommon for us to have customers on our weekly routes that we have never met in person.